Last Minute Travel Tips


Do you have great trips on your bucket list but don’t know how you can afford to take them? Follow your dreams with these tips from the travel pros. If you’re willing to be very flexible and make compromises, awesome travel is more within your reach than you can imagine. Get ready to take off!

There are so many last minute travel websites that spout great deals just a click away. Do your research, read the reviews and select three sites that meet your criteria. An airplane seat and hotel room carry the same fixed costs weather the seat or bed is full or empty.  As such, airlines & hotels spend huge sums on marketing last minute deals.  A fare of $200 for a route normally commanding twice that amount is income that the airline otherwise would not have had.

To take advantage of these offers, it’s critical that you have a flexible schedule and are open to second tier airports and sometimes second tier hotels.  If you can’t keep a bag packed and ready to go, consider saving money with Groupon and either shipping items to your final destination with FedEx. Another advantage of shipping your items is it’s often less expensive to ship than to pay for checking luggage with the airline.  Some travel tips for international travelers hoping to take advantage of last minute deals are to ensure that your passport is always up to date. Some countries will not allow entry unless the passport expiration date is at least six months away.  Also consider having a stash of currency, Euros and Pesos for those countries you’re most apt to travel to in the next six months.  The fees are often less, and exchange rates better, ordering currency through your bank than exchanging currency at the bank in the airport upon arrival.  Have fun on your travels, be safe and make lots of memories!


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